Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Day of Rest and Looking Ahead

First off, I feel I have to thank everyone again for all comments of "get better soon" and the like. I didn't know so many people knew who I was and would take notice so once again thanks!

Yesterday, obviously, was not an active day for me and this day isn't shaping up to be on either. This is somewhat troubling to me because I have so much to do. Right now I should be at the office getting everything in line to go on this 40 day trip of a lifetime but instead I am laying in bed resting.

Trust me, I want to walk right out this door and start doing all the things I need to do. Each time though that I simply went downstairs to get water or something the pain crept up to a point that just wasn't nice at all.

It's taking all my power to not start working on getting everything in line. I'm not used to this "resting" business but I have realized April is too big to go into aching and not 100% on my game. The more I rest now the better off I will be faster and I don't like this situation, but it is what it is.

So that's where I'm at today. I know, today's blog has no where near the adventure of yesterday's post, but that's fine as I need a break from all that. Looking ahead, tomorrow's blog should be what I planned for on Monday in setting up who I am with a week from now my book will be released to the market.

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