Thursday, March 15, 2012

Food and Presentations

Yesterday was a hectic day for me in that I had three presentations. Because of the schedule I sort of neglected the whole need for eating an actual meal.

I started the day with two McDonald's oatmeal things before my first presentation. I didn't have much time then to get from one presentation to the other so I had a Wheaties Fuel bar and a Red Bull. Yes, I know somewhere a nutritionist is cringing.

My 2nd presentation was at about 3:20 and I was off. I wouldn't say it was a bad presentation, but my words came slower and I was nowhere near as animated as I usually am. All in all the best word to describe it would be to say I was 'sluggish'.

There was about a two hour gap between presentations and a coworker went to go get food from Steak n Shake (somewhere Ryan is cursing my name at the mention of that place. Ryan, you'll have it someday in the northeast) so I ate the first real meal of the day and within minutes I was feeling better.

The final presentation of the day was much like all the other ones I do. My words were fast, crisp, and my sentences actually made sense.I've always known that I feel crummy when I don't eat right, but I never had a 'before and after' example so close to each other to judge just how big of a difference there is.

Driving back home I thought of my days in school and just how little I ate. Could that have made things rougher? I'm sure it didn't help, but as much as I'd like to expand on that point I have to leave for my presentation I have this morning and then my drive towards Atlanta so hopefully I remember to write about this in the near future.


  1. This is why I always push people to eat and drink properly on events. A lot of people, mostly youth, think it's okay to get through a 3-day event with just crisps, muesli bars and energy drinks. On a 1-day event they usually end up feeling terrible, on a 3-day event they usually end up knock-out in the first aid care. I'm not exaggerating. Most people think it's okay, since they get through LAN-parties like this. But at a LAN-party you sit down the whole time, making you burn energy way slower. What energy drinks actually do is make you burn the little energy that you already have even faster. This is okay for a while, but not the whole time.
    So, when you have a busy day, or busy days, be sure to eat well.
    I'm sure you already learned this from this experience, so I'm preaching to the choir. But it's also for the readers. Please don't run/attend an event on mere fuel bars and energy drinks. I don't want to see you back in the first aid room. ;)

  2. Not only a nutritionist would cringe, but also an OT, too! I am very well versed in occupational balance (because of my OT training)... and for a good bit of days (now that I have read 2 years worth of entries), your occupational balance can be considered out of whack, too.