Friday, March 16, 2012

An Odd Feeling

I am outside Atlanta right now for round three of the USAC Generation Next tour, but yesterday on my way to my presentation I had I stopped at the 7-11 near me. I've stopped there several times since I wrote last month about the one that closed near my house. Yesterday that hole I mentioned in the previous blog sort of felt whole.

I walked in and heard a voice I recognized; it was the guy that worked at the one that had closed. This was weird because I am about 20 miles from there and yet here he was. It was weird because a sense of safety and sameness came about me. Granted, I've never had a conversation with this guy and yet seeing him at this 7-11 made the world seem more connected, more whole.

This is one of the oddities of being on the spectrum; I can seem non-caring when someone talks to me because I'm thinking about other things and I may not take notice of those I may see daily but when they are gone, that's when I begin to take notice.

Those are my thoughts on that. The schedule is getting close for April and when it is complete I will be releaseing it. I'm getting nervous/anxious/excited and probably about 100 other emotions as well regarding it.

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