Thursday, April 19, 2012

Drama in Denver

Last night I had a presentation in Denver. I went to where my master schedule sheets told me to go, but once there everything seemed to be wrong. There was a drama club practicing, a band making music, and a volleyball game going on. There were no signs for my presentation, and the few staff that were there had no idea who I was or why I was there.

With each passing minute I was becoming more and more hopeless; I mean, what's the point in a nationwide tour if no one shows up? 7PM came and my dad called me and instantly I thought of this ad from 2004 with Michael Waltrip:

So while I wasn't at the wrong track I was at the wrong location. Quickly Rob and I got to the van and I made a 30 minute drive in 24 minutes (go me!) and while I was late no one had left and actually an autism researcher was speaking giving info on the latest findings and answering questions.

I handled the situation nicely as I was just so happy that people were there! It meant so much to me that the audience hung around and waited the 30 minutes. Granted, my presentation didn't go smoothly as my computer decided to turn off during the presentation and then trying to get it back on proved to be a small challenge, but all in all I made the most of it and am thankful for the nice crowd and warm reception.

Today is a change of pace as we had to Phoenix. This weekend is the start of the SKUSA race season and I return to my position as cheif starter so that's where I will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I want to try and do a video blog from there, but only if it will work. The presentations resume Monday with a presentation in Phoenix.


  1. I really enjoyed your presentation last night. I brought my wife and son who was diagnosed with aspeger's sydrome a few years ago. He will be starting middle school soon. Unfortunately, we had to leave early on account of the baby sitter for the other kids. I wanted to ask you if you had any ideas as to what would have helped you get through middle school successfully.

  2. Okay, I know, call this the longest time to respond ever (I obviously forgot to respond during my tour in April.)

    What would have helped? I think understanding amongst my peers would have been #1. If those around us don't understand us everything can be taken the wrong way.

    Secondly is assistance when I need it. I'm a horrible advocate for when I need help so if I were struggling with something I would not speak up. I hate to say that this means those around us need to know what we want before we know, but that extra eye on potential issues would be great.