Monday, April 23, 2012

I Thought I Was Wearing Down but Kansas Comes Through

As the previous week was coming to a close I was starting to get very tired; having so many presentations in one month along with the nearly 5,000 miles we have driven will take a toll on anyone. With that being so I was worried about what my energy level would be for the SKUSA race in Phoenix.

The weekend's forecast was hot, hot and HOT. How hot? Sunday's forecast read out at 106! However, it all started Friday and my weekend didn't start out all that well as I found out I would not be doing the television interview on Saturday. I don't take disappointment well and I found this out right after lunch, but I had to keep going and focus on the on track action at hand. This was rough but I had no other option and between sessions on track I was thankful I was at the track because the shock of this disappointment was minimized.

Saturday came and it didn't hurt all that much that the morning came and there was no television interview. Perhaps it was the heat, but I actually didn't care as I was simpy too tired in the morning. As soon as I thought about it the time for racing began and I became engrossed in the job and by the end of the day I was about as tired as I can ever remember, but I was ready for more.

Sunday was a great day and was a smooth race day. During the breaks we had at the track I thought about all that has happened this month and it al seems like a blur. Saturday night I looked at my calendar journal and had trouble fathoming the fact that just three weeks ago I was in New York City. Since that time I have met so many great people on my tour and hopefully my stories and presentation have made an inpact.

Halfway through Sunday I found my 2nd wind... or rather 15th wind for the month but I felt so alive. As I said, I felt as if I were wearing down but despite the heat and the work I was fully energetic. I can remember the exact point in time I realized this and I had a huge smile on my face and I said, "Ha! The power of Kansas at work." and it is true. I will admit I'm not the strongest person and I usually tire easily, but as I've proven to myself this month each time I think I'm down and out energy wise I come back. However, I'm sure today I will take it easy up until my presentation this evening.

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  1. Gotta love Kansas! :) I can't wait to be at a convention again and feel the same thing! :)
    Have fun at the rest of your tour.
    *impatiently awaits a certain package...* ;)