Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Elementary School

Here is a video post from my first elementary school. You'll have to pardon some of the wind noise but this video explains a lot.

Stay tuned... more to come.


  1. That's nice, to be able to see your elementary school! :)
    Have fun on the Autism Awareness tour! :D
    And yes, I've completely read up on your blog again.

    1. Ronald Besel ronald.besel@yahoo.comApril 18, 2012 at 11:09 AM

      My son, John Besel, went to Chapelglen elementary and was confirmed by your Dad. He is 35 now and you might remember him from Messiah LCMS. I'm glad you have fould an important and rewarding calling.
      Ronald Besel

  2. Thank you for posting all your blogs. My daughter (8 yrs old) was diagnosed over the summer at 7 years old with Aspergers. It took this long because I listened to the dr.s instead of my gut. Their answers to my concerns were to wait, that she will grow out of it. The teacher have been hit or miss with being willing to help her. This year has been wonderful for her, last year was horrible (b4 diagnosis). We are still learning every day about Aspergers and our daughter now that we look at her from a different light. Thank you for helping to educate those that need to be informed about Aspergers and Autism!! If you ever have an opportunity, I invite you to come to school district u-46 in Elgin Illinois. The school my daughter is at has been wonderful working with us, but there are many schools remaining in the district that don't want to be bothered or are having a hard time understanding. Thanks again for your willingness to do what you do!

  3. My teachers were accepting and let me know all the things! In fact, they encouraged it! On my school iPad, I have an autism awareness lock screen\home screen.

  4. Being misinterpreted is so annoying.

  5. My (undiagnosed) daughter was very social, luckily she didn't realise that her friends thought she was weird. She'd just find other kids to play with if they didn't want to. I chose the biggest High School to send her to, because as I said to her grade 6 teacher, "By the time 1000 kids find out they don't like her, she'll be finished school." She's in her last year of schooling now, at 17, and she has found quite a cute group of "nerdy" friends. (her words, not mine)