Friday, April 20, 2012

The Open Roads Between Denver and Phoenix

To be honest, yesterday was long. It started at 5AM and by 5:45 Rob and I had left the hotel and we were making our way West on I-70. Much like I said a few days ago regarding Limon, leaving Denver in the morning was much like the trip to Vegas in 2003.

Anyway, the drive was going to be a long one and also a scenic one. As we got about an hour out of Denver a convoy of BMW's passed us. These cars were tricked out all the way and looked amazing, but then an hour after they passed us we saw a line of them on the shoulder with a cop car behind one. Something like this may not seem like a relevant thing, but for me these are the things memories are made out of.

As with Rob's and mine trip to Las Vegas last year we stopped in Grand Junction to eat and since I like sameness we did this again. Also, this is the exit that had the "horses revenge" overpass. Well, while we were eating the convey of tricked out BMW's pulled in ate at where we were eating. Again, this doesn't seem like anything, but at that moment I realized that this moment, this moment with the seven or so cars and all their drivers, was a moment I will never have again. What I mean by that is that I will probably never see any of those people again and to them my existence never was, but to me just the fact that I was among them and saw them numerous times on the open road made for a quick connection. I was asked by an interviewer yesterday, "Can you, having Asperger Syndrome, feel empathy towards others?" I answered something along the lines of saying of course, but it's different. And I think my experience yesterday shows just that as I will always have a wondering about that obvious group of friends and what it must be like to be in a convoy like that.

The weather was odd for the trip as before we got to Grand Junction it was cloudy and snowy, but when we hit Utah the saw was blazing down with some great looking cottonball clouds filling the horizon. I was getting excited as we were going to be on roads I had never traveled before and this was by design. We had the choice of taking I-25 down to New Mexico and that would be interstate all the way, or we could take I-70 to some road in Utah that runs to Moab and take the back roads. We chose the back roads and the views were amazing. I was transfixed for most of the way as I find desert landscape like the one in the photo to be the best scenery of all. The hills, clouds, sun, and just everything made for what was a long day to fly by.

During the drive I was lost in thought thinking about the journey so far and how the start in New York City seems like a lifetime ago. It was only a little over two weeks ago and yet, for the 4800 miles driven so far and all the people I've met it seems like a lifetime. Why, just a week ago when I was on two radio stations in Saint Louis seems like a dream to me now. So, with all this, I was driving so content that I have this chance to make this tour in hopes of reaching as many people as possible.

So today I take a break from the presentations as I take to the track for the opening round of the SKUSA Pro Tour. Today is practice and tomorrow is going to be interesting as in the morning I have to go to be on Good Morning Arizona and talk about my book and presentation in the Phoenix area Monday night and then from there I will rush to the track and get there after it has been started. It should be an interesting day and weekend and I may blog during this weekend so stay tuned for updates.

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  1. Seems like an interesting weekend! Have fun! :) I'll be in my Kansas tomorrow too, as I'll be at the Elf Fantasy Fair (fantasy/gothic fair, which I've been going to for about 7 years now). Rain has been predicted for the whole day, but that's nothing an umbrella can't solve. :)