Monday, April 9, 2012

A Thrilling Find and a Scary Day Ahead

I spent the weekend at my sister's house and on Saturday I decided to go to the book store to see if they had the crossword puzzle magazine I like as well as to stroll through the books on autism. Sadly, they didn't have the brand of crosswords I like, but I was in line for a shock when I got to the psychology section.

My motivation for touring the section was to see just how many autism books Barnes and Noble carries on their shelves. I was having a difficult time finding one when I discovered a very familiar spine of a book... it was mine! I all but jumped for joy because there it was. I always thought my books would just be sold through Amazon and be a small, niche type book that few will ever see (I am a very humble thinker when it comes to myself) but there it was, on the shelf for anyone to pick up, to hold, and to hopefully buy.

After I got back to my sister's house I searched Barnes and Noble's website for my book and checked random zip codes around the country and my book is in stock at most stores. This was a moment of pure awe and I had a slight trembling through my limbs as it occurred that my book is out there and, hopefully, will be read by those who need it.

That was on Saturday, as for today I have to admit I am very nervous as I give my first "live" television interview on WPTA in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I am scheduled to be on at 12:30 and have no idea what to expect. This is something new for me and is something I thought might come up, but here it is and it's going to happen today. An odd thing about this station though; my dad used to be a reporter for them in the early 80's I believe. It's weird how life can work out as I've heard stories from my dad about his television days but never did I think it would be me in front of the camera.

So yes, today starts the marathon of sorts as I have five presentations in five different cities with several radio interviews and a couple television interviews (the other tv will be WGN in Chicago... yeah, I'm nervous about that one too.) This is such a busy week that my presentation coming up on Friday seems likes a year away.

In a way I feel overwhelmed. I mean, will I screw up at this interview? Will people show up for my presentation tonight? What about tomorrow? These are the questions that swirl around in my mind at a speed that can't be comprehended. I think it is normal to feel this way, spectrum or not, but I truly want to reach as many people possible. There is such a need and all it takes is the art of understanding and I hope that today, and the rest of the week for that matter, I am able to do my part and I pray that my message is heard.


  1. Oh wow Aaron! Don't forget us when you're famous~! ;) :P (just kidding of course, I know you won't forget us)
    But seriously, good luck, you can do it. :)

    And a late: Happy Easter!

  2. There are a few good peer-review journals on autism out there. Also, OT journals across the world from time to time do cover autism. Once you discover them, you will realize they are gold mines!