Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Tour Continues

It seems like so long ago as right now I am in Chicago, but it was just yesterday that I was on WWKI in Kokomo for an entire hour! It has been such a thrill and honor to be doing these media spots and the response has been very positive.

Last night I had a presentation in Indianapolis and, for those that were there, the presentation was great and the questions were sharp and when it was over 2 hours 15 minutes later I don't think the crowd wanted to go.

Today is a big day once again as I have an interview on WGN here in Chicago followed up by a half hour radio interview followed up by another presentation. I'm excited for today and I hope I can once again make an impact because that's what this tour is all about.

One note about my tour. The presentation scheduled for Friday in Saint Louis has been postponed and will probably be at the end of the tour now. Also, the start times may be changing later on in the tour. Once all these are confirmed I will update the times.

I'd write more but as hectic and non-stop as it's been I think I've deserved the right to have a short blog post for a day.

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  1. Hi Aaron. Your presentation last night was great. You're right, I could have stayed there for hours! Thank you so much for what you are doing. I would never want a cure for my son, as it is part of who he is. And I love who he is. But I am forever striving to understand him better. The way you are able to examine yourself and put into words helps so much. Thank you and good luck with the rest of the tour.