Friday, April 13, 2012

A Weird Feeling

Last night was weird... I slept in my own bed! The 2012 Autism Awareness and Understanding Tour isn't quite halfway but the way the path across the country worked out made it where I would have a few days at home. It hasn't even been two weeks but the sensation was that as if I was somewhere foreign.

Just because I am home doesn't mean the tour has taken a break. This morning I was on the Big 550 KTRS with McGraw Milhaven and then I had a taped interview on KMOX. Tomorrow I have a closed presentation followed up with a book signing event at Left Bank Books so if you are in the Saint Louis area be sure to stop by and say hi.

After KMOX I made a stop at TouchPoint and that too felt odd. Well, it was also sad because we are in the process of moving locations and it was rough to see the process of where all that I am began. It was almost three years ago that I went through the parent training program there and it has been just over two years ago that I started working there. That building has been so important in my life and when my tour is over it will be all but vacant. With my associative memory system this is going to be a tough thing to go through, but I just need to tell myself that it is the people and programs of TouchPoint that make TouchPoint, well, TouchPoint and the new location will offer the same feelings for me eventually.

So that has been my day. For the rest of the day I'm just going to take it easy and enjoy this time to relax as tomorrow there are those two events and then sometime on Sunday the tour continues with a drive to Topeka.

Oh, and if it isn't too much to ask, please vote for my blog on Babble's Top 30 Autism blogs. Currently I am in 30th spot so if you could help me out there would be amazing. Thanks!

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  1. I know that feeling. I also have an associative memory system and feel very sad when I building that I'm very attached to disappears... Just recently a psychiatry that has helped me a lot disappeared and I was very sad about that too.

    I voted on your blog.

    By the way. Did your 'old version' of your book go up immensely in price? Is it really worth that much now? o,o