Thursday, May 17, 2012

Conquering Life's Small Hurdles

Okay, with such an over the top title as this you might be thinking that I have accomplished something grand or something totally awesome. Well, to you the chances are that I haven't. However, to myself, this is a big deal as, for the first time in my place, I turned the stove on and... and... boiled water!

Disappointed in my news? I'm not because I have had a deep fear of the stove because I was worried the second I touched it I would be down the path to burning the place down. Why did I turn in on though? I finally convinced myself that I can't afford to constantly eat out for my meals so yesterday I went to the store and bought a whole lot of meals and one thing I stocked up on was the cup of noodles.

People have told me many times that I should try it and I always resisted. Then, whilst I was in Topeka on my tour, staying at the Candlewood Suites, the pantry for the hotel had a spicy edition of the cup of noodles and it was late and I was hungry and everything else seemed horrible so I went with the noodles, liked it, and now it's a meal that's been added to what I eat. And they're cheap too!

So yeah, today's news isn't revolutionary, but something that a lot of people do without thinking about it (or fearing that they're going to start a four alarm fire) is now something that I can do. Who knows, maybe down the road I'll say I prepared some meal that I can't pronounce and use sauces I've never heard of... okay, probably not, but for right now I'm going to enjoy these noodles and relish this minor victory.


  1. Congratulations! :D Within the anime/manga community, noodles are a big thing, so it's stocked up all the time here at home. Different kinds too. One day we'll eat some noodles together. ;) By the way, having a water boiler can be a great thing when making noodles. Boil water in it, pour it in the cup and wait.

    Now you have learned to boil water, the next step can maybe be to put in some pasta. Pasta just needs to be in for 10 minutes and needs a stir once in a while.
    To avoid sticking, put it all in a strainer (so the water can drain away), cool it off with a bit of water from the tap, then mix some oil (think a small spoon full...) through it.
    If this is too difficult for now, simply try boiling pasta. Having it stick doesn't make it less tasty.

  2. Not disappointed in your news at all! Well done on overcoming your fear! Also, reading this made me appreciate every progress my 14 year old daughter with Asbergers does when it comes to cooking as for some while I have worried about her being able to be independent as an adult. But she is slowly getting there, and one step at a time will make sure she gets there. :-)