Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I'm in Osage Beach today to give my presentation to the Missouri's DMH Spring Training Institute. I made the drive yesterday and the drive was one filled with memories.

It was almost two years to the day that I made my first true road trip by myself for TouchPoint. It was a trip to Springfield and as I drove yesterday I thought of that trip two years ago and how it might have been one of the more important events of my life as I was independent. Driving on the same interstate as back then helped spark the memories I'm sure, but I could still feel the pride from back then yesterday.

I got off the interstate near Rolla to head towards Osage Beach and once again a memory hit me. A little over two years ago I was headed this same direction to present to juvenile officers. In fact, where I'm presenting today is the same place as then but I thought of the progress I have made as a person from that presentation to today and I am amazed.

Then, as I came over a crest on this two lane road, I remembered the events that happened just prior to the last time I was on this road. It was perhaps the worst night of my life and driving down these roads reminded me of just how powerless I felt on that night. It was like going right back to that night as I drove.

When I arrived all the memories vanished and I am back in the present. I'm focused now as I have a 60 minute presentation to give (I'm used to 90) and I'm sure next time I head down those roads I will surely have a new trip that will be a part of the memories of life.

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