Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Summer Run Begins

Just like last year at this time this year is going to see a ton of travel with races spread across the country. This is probably a great thing for me right now as the elements from the past two blog posts are still in play.

As I said, the run begins with a race in Hagerstown, Maryland this weekend. I am unfortunately making the drive by myself out there as I was going to fly but next Tuesday is the Champions of Mental Health Banquet in Jefferson City so if I flew and a plane broke down or something I would have been stuck (Hagerstown is not a big town).

To continue telling the schedule I have, next Thursday night I have a big presentation at a Lutheran Educators conference and the next day it's off to Boston once again for a race in Connecticut. Hopefully this year the tropical weather stays away.

I get back on a Wednesday and then it's off to a wedding in Dallas that weekend, then a few weekends later it's off to Utah for a race so yes, if anything, this summer run will provide plenty of things to write about and it all starts with the race in Hagerstown this weekend.


  1. Hagerstown has grown up quite a bit, but they still just have the regional airport. ;) (I lived there for several years in the 1980's and it has gotten much bigger!) That said, they do have multiple flights out of the airport, but your concerns make sense.

    I take it you'll be doing dirt track work at the Hagerstown Speedway?

  2. Yeah, I'll be at the dirt track, well, the really small quartet midget one