Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Another "The Best Day"

For those that have read my book I have a chapter entitled, "The Best Day." In it I recount my first go-kart race which was an event I had waited for my entire life. It isn't very often in life that someone gets to relive the best day in their life, but in a way I did.

Recently I got a phone call from James, the USAC developmental director, asking if I could flag the USAC Mopar National Midget series at the Grundy County Raceway. I had flagged some of the lower divisions of midgets and had yet to flag the national series so when I got asked I didn't have to think twice.

I decided to ask my dad if he'd like to go with me as he hasn't seen me at a race since 2008 and, well, this was going ot be the first time I would be the chief starter of the national series. Also, it was fitting because this was up there with the anticipation I felt before my first kart race and since it was my dad who got me into racing I figured it was indeed right for him to be there.

On the drive up I thought about all the times we had gone to Indianapolis Race Park to watch the thunder series in the early 90's. I don't think either of us ever imagined that I would someday be the person in the flagstand for a USAC national race like this.

How did it go? My dad being who he is couldn't just go to the race and watch. He brought his camera and made a video so I will let that do the rest of the talking on this post.


  1. Now that's some flaggin'!

  2. THRILLING!! seriously

  3. That's awesome! We're huge race fans in this house (basically, anything with wheels and an engine is worth watching), and I think it's so cool that you get to be right there IN the action!

  4. Looks like you were having a Great time! The flagging was incredible! It was like watching a dance! Your dad did great setting it to music! : >
    That was really cool!

  5. I have never seen such a great clip of someone flagging before! Great job Aaron and James! :)

  6. It's like you're conducting a symphony! Also, it's obvious that your father is *very* proud of you. You're so lucky to have a passion in life. Most people don't. I have three sons with AS, and I often think that one of the compensations for all the emotional turmoil they deal with is the fact that they have something that they truly, deeply love doing.