Friday, July 27, 2012

The Parent's Guide to Autism

I've said this many times and that is, when I was first diagnosed, I looked to the internet to see what I had and I found horrible information. What I read was that, "people with Asperger Syndrome will never have a job, never have friends, and will never be happy."

That was a crushing blow to me that took many years to overcome but it didn't need to be like that! Getting the right information is vital when being introduced to the autism spectrum and last year I was able to help out at my employer, TouchPoint Autism Services.

It's been a while since I've shared this, but it has always been on my blog on the right hand column, but I wanted to give this project the spotlight again. The project was to create a guide that gives the right information to parents who are being introduced to the autism spectrum. As I said, I got bad information and to this date there is still awful misinformation out there. Because of this TouchPoint produced the Parent's Guide to Autism. (Click here to view the Parent's Guide to Autism)

Bad information doesn't need to happen and I do realize that if you've found this blog you probably are already aware of the autism spectrum. However, I hope you will bookmark the guide so if you do come across a family that is new to the autism spectrum you can show them this resource and perhaps they won't go down the road I did when I was first diagnosed.


  1. What a wonderful resource!

    When my son was diagnosed in 2001, there wasn't much out there. I bought Tony Attwood's Guide to Asperger Syndrome and found Barb Kirby's OASIS message boards, but it really was a lot of trial and error for years.

    Thankfully, new diagnoses don't mean a situation like yours, Aaron.

  2. That's why I think helping professionals should help by providing resources on autism that are more accessible to the general public. I have been doing that from time to time with autism fact sheets and other related resources from American Occupational Therapy Association.