Monday, August 20, 2012

A Crash in Kalamazoo

It happened again just like what happened in Nashville back in March. As with that incident that was no one at fault as it was just one of those racing incidents.

I could talk about the crash itself, but this time there was nothing broken (BIG shout out to the speedway there; the flagstand was solid and was built to sustain a hit like that and that certainly saved this situation from being worse. Also, the drivers involved were perfectly fine. In the picture you can see my shoe under the "5" of the banner.) however a trip to the hospital was still in line thanks to the first words out of my mouth were, when asked what hurts, "back."

On the ride to hospital I was given morphine and the pain started to ebb. A couple hours later though I began to have issues with dizziness and nausea. After a couple hours of that other medicine was given to me and then the truly odd stuff began to happen.

From this point on everything was a like a dream. I felt as if someone kept tapping me on the shoulder and the person that was with me, Connie, (another BIG shout out, thanks for being there! At least, for the time frame I remember you being there) when she would talk to me, it became very difficult to answer. What I mean by that was that my mind was there, but trying to get my body to respond was heavily delayed. It was one of the worst feelings I've ever had in my life.

I slept, woke up, slept, woke up and after Connie left (I don't recall when this happened) Kyle showed up and while the hours went by it was as if a minute went by. Finally, after nine hours of being there, I was let go and the drive back to Indy started. The medicine was still in my system as I felt odd and out of place. I slept most of the ride back which is unusual for me as I don't sleep in cars, but once we got back to the USAC office I guess I got in my car and started driving for home.

I somewhat remember this drive but again, it was as if it was a dream. Somehow, someway I made it to a rest area West of town and that's where I woke up this morning in the back seat of my car. Today I made it home and I'm still rather sore around my lower back and rib cage, but considering how close this accident could have been to being worse I am rather thankful this is all that I've got.


  1. Scary thought that you drove home while still feeling so weak... I don't think my doctor would've let me go like that.
    I'm glad you're at home and feeling better now. Get well soon Aaron! :)

  2. I am so sorry to read about your accident. Please be careful.
    I agree with Issha, not sure you should have been released while still under the influence of meds. So thankful that you are safe and hope that that's the last accident you're in for many, many races to come.