Thursday, September 6, 2012

Excitement in Denver

Today, and this weekend, are a big event for me. I just got into the hotel in Denver for the 2012 installment of the USAAA global conference.

It was at this conference two years ago that I was on a panel with Temple Grandin and it was at that point that I was convinced that I had a future in my role of presenting. Sure, I had been on the job at TouchPoint for seven months, but it was at that time that I knew that this job wasn’t just a job, but a lifelong career and passion.

So yes, this year’s conference is set to begin and I am coming into it was a much different attitude than I did two years ago. I thought about how far I’ve come, not just as a presenter but also as a person, from when I did the 2010 conference. Going into that conference I was so nervous in the weeks leading up to it that I felt an almost constant feeling of nausea. Also, I didn’t know if what I had to say meant anything to anyone. Now though I know my voice and message are strong.

I feel kind of spoiled this go round as I have a one hour presentation by myself on Friday and I am on a panel on Saturday regarding advocacy and bullying. Two years ago I don’t know if I would have had the life experience to talk on that subject, but I can’t wait to be able to add to the discussion.

So that’s where I am at today. I am so excited to be at my first conference outside of Missouri and I can’t wait to give the presentation of my life tomorrow!


  1. Go for it will be AWESOME!

  2. way to go..yay!! hard work pays off!!

  3. Wow....I just heard you speak and you are an amazing presenter. You remind me of my son and to hear you say there is hope put tears in my eyes. Thank you for all you do and everyone you have touched.