Wednesday, October 3, 2012

All For One and One is All

Continuing the discussion from the previous two posts I now have another insight into this whole ordeal. As I've thought about last year, this year, and the upcoming years I have realized that, and I think I have noted this in the past, when one thing is bothering me it starts a chain reaction that envelops everything.

What causes this? First, the associative memory system, as great as it is for being able to recall things, makes it even more difficult to forget things. So, when one thing is on my mind, everything associated with that then becomes an issue and then those relations have other relations until, what started out as a singular issue, has become a full blown wide open mess.

In a couple days it will be my one-year anniversary of being in my own place. One year! That is unfathomable for me to think that it's been a year. And yet, the time prior to this year, as fresh as it may seem in my mind, also seems a lifetime ago and that itself is making me sad. What was isn't anymore and yeah, sure, I'm on my own place now, but all the little things that used to be aren't anymore.

Another reason why anniversaries are difficult is the fact that it is a symbol of time passing and with time comes change. So, while I am sad about the past I am also already worried about the unknown change of the future because what was isn't anymore but what's now will be tomorrow's was.

And yet another thing that you should take note of is that it isn't just bad or sad things that can create this because, as I have written in this post, positive things can create a lot of emotions.

I could write on and on but I think I've covered it all. If I were to continue I'd just repeat myself several times as that's the way my mind is working right now so I'll leave this at that and hope that tomorrow I can add something new to this.

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