Friday, October 12, 2012

Cold Sounds

Over two years ago I wrote a blog post entitled, "The Fever Effect" and in it I described how I felt at peace when I had a fever. Since then I heard many others claim the same thing and a conference I attended last a speaker said that "behaviors are typically lessened during a fever." That's great, however I am sick right now and don't have a fever and all I can say is that my senses are going crazy during this cold I have.

Once again I woke up in the middle of the night and I was hearing everything. I know I've said I do usually hear everything but at night, when I am asleep, there is at least a small filter there. The past two nights though there has been none. I've heard every bird chirp, every time the AC or heat has come on, and every crick, creek, or other noise a house makes. The decibel level may be low but the sounds are almost deafening.

Wow, I know I said my "senses" were going crazy but I was just going to write about sounds, but thinking back to Wednesday a shirt I was wearing was giving me grief as it felt as if sand paper was rubbing up against my neck. I even made mention of this during the presentation I gave to parents going through TouchPoint's parent training program. Another sense that is giving me a real hard time despite being stuffy is my nose. My sense of smell has never been keener and even this morning, two days later from driving past the remnants of a skunk, my car still reeks of skunk. I've put two "little tree" air fresheners in there to no avail.

This is something I've never consciously taken note of. I know when I have a fever my mind is slower and I feel a peace that isn't usually there, but with this cold it's the opposite. I'm hearing everything, feeling everything, and my sense of smell is oddly overactive. Have I always had this and just haven't taken note? Or do I have a new strain of the common cold that somehow makes the senses keener?

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