Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More on Friends

I'm in a short break between two presentations so I'm going to share a post I responded to on the iRacing forum in regards to yesterday's post. A member asked these questions so I answered them. the answers are somewhat slanted towards games/racing because of the forum I answered on:

How would I define a friend? I've trying to figure that one out for a long time. Growing up I defined it as whomever I was playing Super Mario Bros or Monopoly with. Starting out when I got Xbox Live it was whoever wouldn't wreck me for the win on the final lap. Over time though through many years of communicating (I always talked during games but it was always about the game) over XBL I have learned a friend is someone I can communicate about things outside the realm of a game. Also, a friend is someone that I will actually listen to.

 Is there a difference between friend and real friend? Certainly. The term friend is so loosely used now. Take a look at Facebook, or an Xbox friends list. I would say, using my first paragraph, that simple friend is simply one who plays a game and a real friend is the other.

If a friend is defined by another human being with whom you share a common interest with and participate in activities where you are able to express your common interests, does it matter if you're physically in certain proximity to that person? No, and I think this is the big disconnect on parents understanding this difference. With the ability to communicate just the same as in person is a non-physical conversation any less than one in person? I never watched M*A*S*H but I saw a snippet of the ending where two main people were going separate ways knowing they would most likely never see each other again and perhaps never talk again. What a different world we live in now! The definition of friendships is changing by the day and even on iRacing you can have a race with people from four continents. Distance isn't what it used to be and I believe with friends it's the same.

Is there some function of friendship that the internet prohibits? Obviously things like going out on a Friday night, or having a shared experience at a movie or sporting event. This isn't a big deal for me because having a big circle of friends in person is quite uncomfortable for me.

Those were the questions but another post on the forum had an interesting comment: "What is the definition of a friend?" I know I answered it in the original questions on the iRacing forum but I'm not sure now. I answered it quickly, but now I'm not sure the exact definition of a friend. However, I think this might be something that has been asked and asked for many a millennia  and with technology the way it is it is being defined and refined on a daily basis.

So that's my thoughts for today; I have to run to my next presentation and then after that I have another one making today a triple-header.

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