Monday, October 22, 2012

Reliving Good Times

I may be behind the times, but I've finally resorted to buying things on Amazon, such as video games, as I now can avoid the awkward social interactions at the store. There's one downside to this as there's a delay from when I purchase to when it arrives. Such was the case this past week as I had pre-ordered Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune.

Those two games came out for the Xbox 360 on Tuesday and had never been on any version of the Xbox. You may take this new line as a joke, but for me it isn't. These two games were the most anticipated titles of the year! Yes, the year. Halo 4? Blah! I say, the real fun is in Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.

The last time I owned those were on the PS2 back in 2003. Sure, I still have them, but they are dated, but when I learned that finally, FINALLY they were coming to the Xbox 360 I couldn't contain my excitement. So on Thursday I checked the mail and it didn't come. Friday I was hopeful and when the mail came I was strongly disappointed then on Saturday it happened; a box from Amazon!

I have always been fond of those two games be it on television and video game format (or board game for that matter.) In my presentation I state what seeing that wheel spin for the first time was like (sheer sensory euphoria) but it's more than that. I loved learning what letters go together and now I would like to say I'm pretty good at solving the puzzles when there aren't many letters (my sister refuses to play Wheel with me) revealed.

Of all the games I rented when I was younger Wheel and Jeopardy were probably in the top five if not on the top spot. Thinking about this I think this might have been a sign that maybe I had Asperger Syndrome. I'm not saying that liking game shows is the red flag, but rather that I was nine and wanting to play nothing except those two games. I mean, how many nine year olds are yearning for a good ol' game of Jeopardy?

After having the weekend to play around with those two games they are just as fun as I remembered. Well, actually they are better because there's online multiplayer. I'm sure those that I know are going to get annoyed real fast because when I get on a one-track mind I will just keep asking, "Game of...? How about now? Now? 5 minutes? Now? What, you don't have the game? Go get it, like, now. No? Why not? No, trust me, best game ever. EVER!" Funny, times change but my arguments do not. Times change and yet twenty years later I'm trying to convince everyone I know for a game of Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy.

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  1. I ver much dislike it when I have a fun game and no one else wants to play it too... Well, it might be fun only for me, but others could learn to like it too like Portal 2.(Hey! That rhymes...)It's this fun physics game with inter-spatial portals through the use of SCIENCE. Anyway, for every game you get, whether it be single player or co-op, you'll always (and I mean ALWAYS) need someone to play it with or it gets boring after a while... I say this from experience.