Friday, October 19, 2012

The Blog Process

It's been a while since I explained how I write my blog. Well, not the actual literal process of typing, but the thought process that goes into it.

Ever since I began to write there have been two ways that ideas pop up. The first is like yesterday's blog about the conversation at the golf course. Sometimes it takes a couple weeks between having the idea, working through it, and converting it to words that make sense.

Then there's the second one. This is the one that the gems come from as they are spontaneous and come without any conscious thought. A good example of this would be my "Dear Washington" post. I was in the process of brushing my teeth and out of nowhere the concept, wordage, and motivation came to write and 30 minutes later it was finished. Most of the chapters in my books and all of my concepts (i.e. Kansas, 4th Wall...) come from these moments of spontaneous genius.

I will say that is the difference between book writing and blog writing. For the most part my blogs are usually thought of in advance. To be honest, there is rarely a time during the day that I am not focused on what I should write about. I'm constantly observing myself and my surroundings thinking of what I could use to make a relevant and meaningful blog post.

One of the benefits of this writing method is that I am always aware of myself. When I'm in a challenging situation I don't withdraw within myself but rather I look as to the what's and why's of the situation with the knowledge that, regardless of how awkward or angry I am at myself there will be a positive from it.

So yeah, those are the two ways that my blogs come about. I still can't believe I'm a writer even though I've been doing so for seven years and I still can't believe I have 715 blog posts. And to think writing was my least favorite thing to do in school.

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  1. Actually, your blog is depressing for me. I'm just cast into a melancholy from your "hardships" and how you "contrast" from everyone else. Even your "Dear Washington" Letter set me into depression for a week. Your blog's not bad and 1035 agree with me, but please, write about more good days. You're too inspiring to write about anything else...