Friday, October 5, 2012

The Final Day of the First Year

At this day's end a have a huge milestone to celebrate; one year in a place of my own.  A year ago when I came into this place it was lifeless and I might not be an interior decorator, but my first bit of action last year to spice the place up, as the photo shows, was a huge success (in my mind at least.)

Of course, making an empty place a home was the least of my worries. As the year has progressed I have found the hardest part of being on my own has been all things related to food.

Thankfully it takes a while for me to get tired of the same foods over and over but about two months ago I hit that wall. After living on frozen, microwavable dinners I moved up the world with frozen, ovenable dinners. That doesn't sound like a big deal, but the first time I used the oven a few weeks ago was a major deal for me.

One of the hurdles on using the oven a long was the fact that I didn't have a baking sheet. To top that off I wasn't quite sure where one buys a baking sheet. That may seem like a comical answer but it isn't as truly there is no store that is named, "Baking Sheets R Us." Then, about two months ago while at Target, I went to the home section and there it was! a baking sheet. That same day I bought a new garbage can.

A new garbage can? Yes and in doing so there was such a sense of pride. A garbage can? Certainly! It's small things like this that, for me, is the essence of being in a place of my own. To have the freedom of choice on what garbage can to get, and then where to put it, is something that is hard to explain. Does it install confidence? Or is it a symbol of independence? Whatever it is it's truly the small things like that which have made the year so much fun.

When I moved in last year I didn't know how long I would be here. I certainly didn't think I would make it a year for many reasons. And while at times I have questioned whether or not it made financial sense to do this as I think I've spent more days away from here this year than actually being here, but it's the confidence that comes with this that makes it all worth it.

I truly have meant to spend more time on my blog talking about the challenges of being in my own place but outside of food I haven't had any major challenges. I would like to write a rant about the household across the lake that feels the need to blow an obnoxious airhorn anytime the Saint Louis Cardinals, Saint Louis Rams, of Mizzou Tigers score (seriously?! Mr. airhorn user I know you are happy, but must you make a noise sharing with the world your happiness? I mean, couldn't you, I don't know, jump up in the air and say, "yay!" instead of making a noise which somewhat sounds like the start of a civil defense siren?) but I just managed to go on that rant in my parentheses.

Tomorrow will be cause for a minor celebration. A year ago I came here and it was just walls, but over the course of the year this place has become a home. and, while things do change, my interior decorating skills haven't evolved as this final picture shows.


  1. Congratulations on your full year on your own Aaron! :) I still don't get how you manage all the finances and things like that without going crazy. I'm not a mastercheff or anything, but I can cook a few things. But understanding taxes and things like that? It's beyond me.

  2. Aaron your post always bring a smile to my face! : >
    There are so many things about life that we all go through, just seldom write about. You are facing what we all face when growing up and moving out on our own!
    You have succeeded! That huge step of saying " I have my own place!", is wonderful.
    The challenges we all face when we first attempt something.........the first time I used a dishwasher I put regular dishsoap in the machine :{ I spent an hour cleaning up suds from the kitchen floor! lol
    I worry about my son who is now 17 and whether he will be able to navigate all the nuances of living on his own, but then I think of my own struggles and then ,Thankfully, I read your post and I know he will succeed too!

    Congratulations on the one year milestone! So much ahead for you and it will be GREAT!