Monday, October 15, 2012

The Juggle

Have you ever been early for something? I mean really early. I'm not talking about 15 minutes, or even an hour for that matter. How early am I talking? Try two weeks!

Yes, earlier today I put up a post about how nervous I was about this presentation at a school. I headed to that school, walked into the office, and said I was there for a presentation but did not have the contact name. I went through my e-mails on my phone and went back to the e-mail on October 4th and read it. Now, I must say I read this e-mail this morning, and about four times yesterday confirming the time of day and the place. However, each time I read the e-mail I never quite processed a very important line, "Your presentation on the 15th has been rescheduled for the 29th." I told the office lady that I was two weeks early and she told me, "See you in two weeks."

So what happened? I don't make mistakes like this. I keep my calendar and make sure it's perfect. That is, when things are going well. Life is a juggling act of sorts and when something is on my mind, or if I am sick like I have been the past four days, small things get overlooked. The original e-mail came in the 4th and I think that's the day I wrote the blog post, "Yearning for Kansas." I wasn't in the best of spots then so I got the e-mail and probably thought, "I'll update my calendar tomorrow" and tomorrow came and it was no longer thought of.

Also, I read and reread that e-mail yesterday and today so how on Earth did I miss the very important line of, "it's been rescheduled"? It's not like the e-mail had a cryptic code; it was right in front of me and yet I missed it every time.

As I mentioned, life is a juggling act and the more stuff that gets added, well, it's like adding more things in the juggling act. This is been a very emotional month for me and anytime, yes anytime a lot of emotions are being felt silly mistakes are prone to happen. This is one of those times. and yes, nothing bad came from this except me looking odd at the school, but it can be used as a great example and will also give me more passion to make my upcoming presentation there on the 29th even better because I remember when I was in school; when things were difficult and such my ability to learn decreased. Okay, I know what you are thinking, it's like this for EVERYONE. Right? I mean, if you have three projects due at your job this week and you have two appointments and four meetings and your car needs to go to the shop and your front lawn has needs a trim are you going to be 100% on your game? Of course not. However, for us on the spectrum our ability to juggle is decreased. It doesn't take all those things to create the same problem. For me, often times it's simply emotions such as this month.

So yeah, I got all pumped up, and scared, for my presentation today and I get to do it all over again in two weeks time. I'm okay with that though because I think this blog post within itself is also an important thing to understand.

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  1. The same thing happened to me, only I didn't make the emotion-connection yet and it did have bad consequences for me. After reading your post I thought back and I did get the e-mail that I forgot about during an emotionally bad time. That explains a lot.
    I find it funny though how we sometimes end up having a similar blogpost on the same day by accident.
    In case you're interested, here's my blogpost: