Tuesday, November 20, 2012

15,000 and Thanksgiving

I woke up this morning sad. Today is the point in time I am furthest from the Supernats. However, in a wonderful twist of contrast, I had a presentation today at the Southwest Lutheran Educators Conference.

Back in April when I was on my nationwide tour I was asked if I would be interested in presenting at this conference and they gave me the dates and I was so happy that it worked perfectly that I would be here already so I got on the roster of speakers.

It was an odd presentation, and it was even odder to see the principal from the school I presented here in Vegas in April. When I say an odd presentation I mean it was weird going from flagging the world's largest karting event to being back in presentation mode. I was worried that I'd be too sore, or too exhausted to present but my fears were unfounded.

Today's presentation was special though as I have now spoken to over 15,000 people! I can't believe it. I know I say that every milestone I achieve, but it's true. To be honest I still can't believe I've spoken to 100 people, but today 15,000 was eclipsed.

That was earlier today and my day, or rather night is nowhere near being over. I'm writing this at the Las Vegas airport and soon I'll be on a plane with a final destination of Indianapolis and after that a car ride to my aunt's in Virginia. One of my worries about doing the presentation today was if it would interfere with my Thanksgiving tradition of going to my aunt's on the Tuesday. Sure, I could have got a flight to Dulles, but what's the fun in that? Part of the tradition is the car ride there and if I were to have flown there I'd have been cheating. So I worked it out and my dad, sister, and nephew will be at the Indy airport waiting to pick me up.

So that's what's going on with me. I should finish this before we start to board so to end I'll just say that today was such an odd contrast, and tomorrow should just add to the sense of confusion, and I'm looking forward to combatting jet-lag (I do mean this honestly) as I love the sense of one's internal clock flashing 12:00.


  1. Enjoy your car trip and visiting your aunt! P.S. Your grandmother's brother Walt never liked his foods to touch each other either, so you have family precedence for your divided plate. Enjoy your space between foods this Thanksgiving!

  2. Your Grandmother's brother Walt never liked his foods to touch each other either, so you have family precedence for a divided plate. Enjoy your Thanksgiving at your Aunt's house and have fun on the car ride there!

  3. Thank you for your presentation at the teacher's conference, I feel much more informed about some of the students God places in my life.

  4. Have fun at Thanksgiving Aaron!