Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A day in paradise

First, this post will serve as my Thursday post. I would normally delay the publish time but since I have no way to connect my computer to the Internet I have been relegated to blogging from my phone and blogger doesn't get along with iOS so I have no way if changing times.

Anyway, yesterday was the first day of the Supernats. It was a much needed event as my mind has been worrying up a storm the past week or so  this event though is so unique has I don't know of a tougher challenge mentally. I wanted to do a video blog explaining all the things that go on whilst flagging but I'd have no way of uploading it.

But yes, even though it is noisy, difficult, and always moving there isn't a time that I am more relaxed. I know, that is so atypical of everything Asperger's but I think that an event that requires so much attention and perfection operates at the speed my brain functions.

Today (Thursday) will be the 2nd day of practice as yesterday was also a complete day of practice. Come Friday the start of competition will begin. Writing that, knowing that with each passing second the end is closer, already is making me sad. I talk about this event all year. And this isn't taking away from any other event I do as I love them all , but this event is so big, so unique, and so international that it is in a class of its own. But, the end of each day is one step closer to the end of Super Sunday. While most people breathe a sigh of relief that it is over I always am holding back tears.

But in any event, while I am already dressing the end, another day of practice is on tap and once again I will be in a complete state of paradise, or I guess I could say the Capitol of Kansas (see my book finding Kansas, or my blog glossary for clarification of what I mean) for another day.

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  1. While you're having fun in the Capitol of Kansas, I'll be in one of the surrounding cities of Kansas this weekend, as I'll be at an anime/manga convention for two days where I'll have more responsibilities than I ever had at a convention. It's not my favorite anime/manga convention, so it's not in the Capitol of Kansas, but it's close!

    As for you; have fun at the racing track Aaron! Oh and you can always make a video blog and just upload it upon arriving at home? I wouldn't be bothered to watch it while you're not there anymore. I would simply love seeing a video blog about what goes on whilst flagging!