Friday, November 30, 2012

A November to Remember

Decades from now I think I will still remember the month of November in the year 2012. It may have marked the third anniversary since my first presentation, but that isn't what it will be remembered for.

This month has been a career month. I don't know if I'll ever have a month like this again! I had many different audiences as I presented to students, to soon to be teachers, teachers at a conference, and parents.

In terms of how many people spoken to, well, I doubt I'll see these types of numbers again. My previous highest number was 1,011 but this November I more than doubled it with a total of 2,053.

I've thought about those numbers for almost a week trying to make sense of it. When I'm not in the midst of a presentation it's hard for to me comprehend that I am a presenter. Okay, I know that line probably has you confused, but I'm usually quiet, shy, reserved had I probably have a slight fear of public speaking. That is, up until the time I'm presenting when there is no fear at all. That being so, as I right this, I can't believe I spoke to so many people in one month!

I state these numbers as fact and not as a tooting of my own horn. It's probably a major accomplishment to hit a number north of 2,000, and I may never hit that number again, but it isn't about dozens, hundreds, or even thousands. Yes, this November will be remembered for 2,000 but regardless the month the important number to remember is one.

I've written several times on how important autism awareness is to each person. Reaching thousands is of course great, but to just reach one, and potentially change their life or a life of their child, is the real goal of my mission. Should I reach two that's great, but the real power lies within each one. It's such an honor to do what I do even though I don't really know what I do but regardless November is over and while this month has been an accomplishment I've never been one to sit on past accomplishments so onward to December and whether or not I reach 1, or 3,001 people the mission, the passion, and the goals are just the same.

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  1. I have been laying down flyers for the Weekly Autism Meeting at different organisations in town. If I would've taken the bus, I would've had to get out at every bus stop, because of the way those organisations are placed. It was too windy and rainy for the bike.
    So I decided to go on foot. With my Chronic Fatigue this was a long and hard walk. After three organisations I was already feeling ready to go home.
    Then I thought of you and thought 'what if just one more person can be reached by these flyers? What if just one more person comes to the meeting and makes some very important social connections?'
    This thought kept me going and I managed to visit 7 organisations! It took me 3 hours.
    This may seem like a small accomplishment, but with my Chronic Fatigue it was big. The chairman of the Weekly Autism Meeting couldn't believe his ears when I told him!
    I was terribly tired afterwards and couldn't do much else the rest of the day, but if I just reached one more person, it was worth it in my opinion.
    Thank you Aaron!