Monday, November 5, 2012

On the Brink of 300

I tried to go to sleep early last night but my mind wouldn't let me. The number of 300 kept racing through my mind as I tried to understand it's impact. As I did this my mind tried to understand the emotions behind the impact and it was as if my thoughts were scrambled. I mean, 300!

I'm very milestone oriented and trying to go to sleep when thinking about this number of 300 was impossible. Oh, 300 what you ask? Right now I have done 297 presentations for a total of 13,272 people. I'm three presentations away from 300 and I will hit that number this week.

I think I wrote last week that it is hard to fathom my impact and how it's hard for me to remember what it was like before I had this job. Going back to my first blog post I had only presented 15 times and 13 of those were to police officers.

Presenting to officers was my primary audience when I first began In fact, when those presentations ended in May 2010 I thought my job would end soon after. As usual my catastrophic thinking proved to be wrong, but never did I allow myself to think I would have career presentation totals North of 150, or 200, or even nearing the milestone of 300. And yet here I am. Three years ago today I had yet to give a presentation and never thought I would have the skills to do so let alone be halfway decent at it.

My mind would not get rid of those thoughts. How did this all happen? Why did this happen? Is this a dream? Those thoughts were overwhelming enough but then I thought of the people I've met along the way and when I did this it was as if my mind went it super-hyper-sonic overdrive. It was too much. I remembered the first time I had a repeat customer, I remembered all the awesome questions along the way, the presentation that I met the woman that helped make the Sunglasses Experiment possible. I sort of live in a bubble oblivious to the amount of people I reach but trying to sleep I realized that it's been more than I could, or can imagine.


  1. You have helped so many, me included!

  2. Just relax, listen to Bessie Smith's "Nobody Knows You When You Down And Out" It works for me. Try it.