Friday, November 23, 2012

The Soundtracks of Life: Black Friday Edition

There's a song that I've been looking for on the internet for a very long time. There have been few songs that have defined an era like this song. Then, several days ago on my car ride to the D.C. area, I found it. Before I tell the story you might want to give it a listen. Beware though, I've been told it's one of the more annoying songs ever made.

So what on Earth does this song represent? This is the song that defines the era of when I worked at the video game store. I was thinking the other night just how important those days were in my development to become who I am today. But that's not the story. The story is this...

I started working at the video game store in September 2001 and later that month we got an Xbox demo unit. The manager would rotate games, but Project Gotham Racing seemed to be the favorite, as well as the fact that anytime I played a crowd would form to watch (true story.) I also noticed that within the game's soundtrack was this song, entitled Nekosogi Hoshii, that people seemed to loath and complain about. That being so I edited the soundtrack so this was THE ONLY SONG THAT PLAYED!

Imagine, all day everyday when a person was playing this was the song that blasted. And I do mean blasted because the Xbox demo unit had way too good of speakers. The shops around quickly became irked, but the kiosk right in front of us, a jewelery/ear piercing store that sat in the middle, became the most irate. They always gave us, specifically me, the longest stares of disapproval.

We maintained that demo unit all the way through the holiday shopping period and a few coworkers would alter the soundtrack making it all the songs in the game, but the manager loved the joke as much as I did so he or I would change the soundtrack back to play only Nekosogi Hoshii. From Black Friday all the way through Christmas the song blared throughout our store.

The other night, when I heard this song, I was taken back to those days. I thought on just how far I have come. Back then my only socializing was task based meaning that I could only talk about what was going on. Maybe that's why I created the most hideous soundtrack ever because it gave me something to talk about. My coworkers would always talk about pop culture and other things I knew nothing about nor could I fake it, but talking about a fact, about something that was happening, was something I could do. It's odd to think, but this song and the musical torture that it created helped me socialize with my coworkers, or at least the ones that found it just as hysterical as I did.

So wherever you shop today, tomorrow, or up to the end of the holidays just be thankful that I'm not there working or who knows what song would be playing that may be highly annoying.

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  1. Hey Aaron, I'm a Japan fan, remember? I LOVE that song! If I would be your coworker, you'd make me the happiest person in the world. Way better than most of the stuff on the radio!