Monday, November 12, 2012

The Week I Wait For All Year...

Last week was amazing. Simply amazing! In the end I spoke to 1,680 people which is something that, well, wow! to reach that many people is something that I think will be hard to judge in terms of impact, but I am so thankful to have the chance.

This week is a shift of gears and of all the weeks of the year this is the one I countdown the most to. Truly the weekend was painful awaiting this week, but it is here! It's time for the annual SKUSA Supernats! I leave today to head to Vegas and I have been just full of excess energy awaiting this day. I'm sure though that today is going to drag on, and so to tomorrow, but come Wednesday I will be in flagging bliss.

I can't believe this, but this will be my 5th Supernats as the cheif starter. It's become a routine, in a way, and what I mean by that is the process of getting there, checking in, the walking of the track, and all things in between. My routine will be different this year when I leave as I actually have a presentation at an educators conference in Vegas next Monday so I'm interested to see how my body holds up as I am usually exhausted come Sunday's end.

I could write and write about the event, but I have a meeting to get to this morning. I hope to do a video blog from the track, but I make no guarntees on that. But I do know this, in two days I will be on the track at one of, if not the largest kart races in the world and oh my, I can't wait!

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