Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Tough Post to Write

One thing I look forward to doing all year is my year end blog post. I do posts actually with "The numbers of..." and then the year in review post. I've already began work on my year in review but am having a very tough time writing about it. In three days of attempted work I have one line written.

Each time I try and begin and I am overwhelmed with just how much stuff has happened this year. I think back to three years ago and there's no way I could imagine a year like this. Truly, this 2012 in review could be the longest post I have ever delivered.

Well, it may be the longest ever if I ever can write the 2nd sentence. To be honest, this feels like the writing projects I had in school. Normally the words just flow and I don't really think about length, structure, and pictures, but with this though I know it's going to be long, I have an idea of what the structure should be, and I'm going to have a portfolio's worth of photos to share.

Thankfully there's a lot of time between now and December 31st, well, 25 days worth and at the rate I've been going I should have about four sentences done by then.

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