Thursday, December 13, 2012

Another Day, Another Record

I talked with my dad last month after I gave my school presentations in the Southern part of the state and I said, "I don't think I'm ever going to speak to this many people in a month again." Boy, how I was wrong. On Tuesday I spoke to 2,001 people but yesterday was even more!

I started the day at the 7th and 8th grade school and I was expecting around 300 or 400. Students started filing into the gym and I asked the principal how many people would hear me and he said, "Oh, we have an enrollment of 1010 and have about 93 staff so you'll have about 1,100.

1,100?! I never imagined speaking in front of over a thousand before. I mean, just three years ago I wasn't even doing this at all and now the gym was filling all the way up.

It's a good thing my fear of speaking has ebbed completely. I didn't have one hint of nervousness as the introduction was made and I took center court and began my presentation.

From that presentation I went back to the high school and gave two more presentations in front of another total of 1,000 people. This mean that in two days I spoke to 4,200 people.

I'm back home in Saint Louis but I can believe the past three days! I could never have imagined being able to present to so many people and not only present, but have such the warm, wonderful, and respectful response that I did.

Finally I've got to thank Margie Calhoon for organizing the presentations, the Duneland School Corporation and it's principals for allowing my message of awareness and understanding to reach every student 5th grade and up, and to the Duneland YMCA for sponsoring the three days. It's through efforts like this that will help us reach a world where there is full understanding and awareness about the autism spectrum.

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