Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Question on Dreams

I just arrived in West Plains where I will be for the next three days, but on my drive down here I had a thought about dreams.

I have mentioned that I remember my dreams in full detail, but one thing I have never registered is the fact of, do I remember faces in dreams. I saw someone post a random fact on Facebook that, "the human brain can't create faces therefore all faces in dreams are of people you have met." I have not researched or confirmed that, but if this is the case does this mean that the information about faces is logged in my brain somewhere because, as I've said, I don't consciously remember faces. This means that, take anyone I've known, right now I can't describe what a person looks like at all. If I see a person again I will recognize them, but as I say in a presentation, "out of sight out of mind."

This is something as I go to sleep tonight and then right when I wake up tomorrow I am going to be thinking about and I hope to answer this question as to if I see faces in dreams or not because right now I don't know.

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