Monday, January 14, 2013

An Awkward Gate Experience

I know some people like their job. I know some people want to be different, but I also think there's a limit to how far people should go.

On Friday I flew home from San Antonio and I had a layover at another airport. As I got to my gate I sat down and started reading my book and very quickly the gate attendant came over the airwaves, "Hello, my name is _____ and I'm going to be with you for the next 45 minutes. the plane is on time so who is happy about that?"


"Well, is no one happy to be going to Saint Louis? Come on, let me hear you, who is ready to go to Saint Loooooooouis?"


"Okay, you all must be tired. I've been here since 7AM" it was 9PM, "but that's okay. I get to spend my evening with you." At this point in time the passengers were looking around at each as if to say, "is this guy serious?" and I sat there confused.

He continued, "What you all need is a pep talk so, well, who wants to hear me sing? No one. If anyone wants to sing you can come up right now." This statement got lots of laughs and I remained there confused. I've never known a gate attendant to speak more than saying boarding zones and would so and so please approach the podium.

The verbal onslaught continued, "Okay, it seems I'm not appreciated." and at this point in time a passenger came up and gave the gate attendant a hug to which he said, "Aw, that just made my day. Maybe my year. I think inspired a song so If you're happy and you know it clap your hands."

What was going on? Everyone now was cheering him on, passengers walking by our gate now were stopped to watch this sideshow go on and I was seated there wondering why what was going on was indeed going on.

After a few minutes the crowds dispersed much to the dismay of this gate attendant. "Where is everyone going? Ah, I see, you all are now trying to tune me out. I can guarantee this though, you will all see me at least one more time. How do I know this? Who do you have to give your ticket to. Ha! See? You will see me again and to those tuning me out... I know who you are."

So is this normal? If this happened to you would you be all for this? Or is this to far? Reading was impossible because this guy spoke nonstop. And all-in-all I didn't know how to react. Was I supposed to laugh? Or did everyone else feel the same uneasiness I did? It was an odd experience and one I hope I don't have again.


  1. So, if I read it correct, this went on for 45 minutes? I appreciate a good joke through the intercom, but for 45 minutes? That's too much for me. I wouldn't appreciate that either.
    Also, the way he seemed to force the 'fun'... When nobody replies, pretending he's a sad person who needs to be comforted. As a person who likes to put up events, I'd say: Wrong way to entertain people! Some people like that, but you always got to take into account the people who are tired and simply want to sit down and relax.

    That's my opinion though.

  2. I'm sure you weren't alone in feeling annoyed, but what if some really talented singer would've taken up the offer, gone up and belted out some French masterpiece? Would you have felt it was a gift to have been treated to such an impromptu performance? Or would you have still felt put off by the whole experience? I'm just curious.

  3. If someone did sing like a virtuoso I think it would have been amazing. Sadly, that didn't happen but yeah, I would have felt differently. Although it still would have been a bit strange.

  4. When I am in a place that is confusing, (many people, noisy, I am tired), the very LAST thing I want is someone on an intercom trying to make me feel better. This would have driven me to a quieter place to read my book.

  5. He wins the award for most annoying gate attendant, maybe most annoying person ever...I can see he was probably bored, but please shush...

  6. I would have moved far enough away to not hear him, I would have got his name and contacted his boss, that is not appropriate. Sorry Aaron.

  7. No, that is not normal. Extremely awkward!!!!! Maybe he had a little too much whiskey, or something. I am with you on this one for sure.