Thursday, January 31, 2013


Once again I've had a difficult time starting this blog post. I've been on and off this screen to write this for well over an hour now and my brain just hasn't been in the writing mood.

The change I talked about yesterday appeared to be happening sooner rather than later and it looked as if tomorrow was the date. This was going to be great, but then it got rescheduled to next week. If there's one thing more difficult than change it is changing the time frame of change. That's what I am dealing with right now and it has my entire body tired, my mind sluggish, and all in all I'm not in the chirpiest of moods.

So for talking about the change, well, I'm not really in the mood. I can say that two days ago I had an amazing presentation to 7th graders at a school in the Saint Louis area. I still can't believe this is a audience that can instantly grasp what I'm saying and then ask the most intelligent of questions.

Also planned, as I think I wrote, is that I am returning to Vancouver in two weeks. Right now I have two presentations planned and am working on a third that would be open to the public. There's no guarantee on this, but hopefully it all works out.

As for me, today, I'm probably going to spend each second wondering what the change will be like. I have so much to do between now and whenever this change happens and everything is just so overwhelming. Perhaps tomorrow I will explain this all, and perhaps in a video blog as it's been a while since I've done one of those.


  1. Hi Aaron ~ I just finished your wise, funny, and erudite book "Finding Kansas" and intend to share it with our family and others as well. You give light to the private mind of our relationship with our Asperger's son, Dan, who wasn't properly diagnosed until he was 19. He is now 39 and seems content with his life.

    We spend eight months of the year in the Ozarks of Missouri, so perhaps someday I will hear you speak!

    You DO experience Love, Aaron ~ all of us humans feel separate, with brief moments of complete joy. Thanks for being YOU, sir! ~ bonnie brauer

    1. I hope you do get the chance to hear me someday, and also thank you find the kind words!