Monday, January 28, 2013

The Nasty Return of Writer's Block

Okay, I must admit that this has been a rather annoying experience. I've been seating at my desk for well over an hour and have started writing today's blog post about a dozen times. I have plenty of ideas but nothing seems right. And besides that I just haven't felt anything would be right.

My initial concept today was to talk about a race on iRacing Friday night. It was a 160 minute race and was the most thrilling event I have ever been a part of. In the early part of the race I trailed the leader by 50 seconds after I got spun by a slower car, but lap after lap I closed the gap. With 40 minutes to go, and after the leader got a pit road speeding penalty, I took the lead. The next lap the pressure of leading got to me and I had a lazy spin and lost the lead and trailed by 12 seconds. It was here that I was going to say this is a great metaphor for life because, so often, when a person makes a mistake in life it is so easy to make another mistake and typically the 2nd mistake is more costly than the first. I knew this and kept my emotions in check and fired lap after lap that was my personal best. I closed enough and the leader began to push the issue with the lapped cars and he got caught up in an incident and I got along side, but the leader spun crashing into me with 20 minutes to go. His car was destroyed and mine had moderate damage and driving in a straight line was difficult. I had a 30 second lead and was now 5 seconds off the pace. 30, 25, 20, 18, 16 were the gaps, but I held it together and took the victory.

If I had written the full blog post I was envisioning for the race story it'd have been much longer, but it just didn't feel right. From there I thought about writing the fact that today starts the final week of my life in the 20's. Next Monday I hit 30, but as I started writing that post I figured I have talked about that date enough over the past four months and for those older than 30 it probably would be annoying to hear about it and for those younger, well, there's no way to understand the emotions that go with such a milestone (you will someday though so HA!)

From there I looked for inspiration on Facebook and saw many of my friends that were at the 24 Hours of Daytona and I thought, "my off season is too long!" Perhaps one of the reasons why I've felt in this major funk is the fact that it's been two months since my last race and it's going to be another two months until my flagging season opener happens in Phoenix. With this off season I have learned just how important it is that I do flag. It's weird to say it, but presenting and flagging go together as they feed off each other and give confidence to the other. And one should never underestimate the need of confidence.

Other topics that I started to write about included my new example I give in my "Game Theory" segment of my presentation but I feel that needs to be a video blog. I also started to write about the fact that I'm returning to Vancouver next month and in a way this will be returning to the place where my speaking career sort of started. Yeah, I had presented before that, but this was the first presentation to a group other than teachers or officers and was given just three days before I became full time at TouchPoint. I'm getting the honor of presenting there again, but more on that as the day draws near.

So I had no idea what to write today so then I decided I'd just write about what I wanted to write about and well look at that! a decent blog post! I might have to use this tactic more often when I'm having trouble with what to write because today was like four blog posts in one.

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