Monday, February 25, 2013

Over the Limit

The weekend was not easy for me. I'm not sure what has me beyond my limit, but I'm there. Well, perhaps it is the sound for the other people within the complex, maybe it's the multiple sensory episodes I had in Canada, or maybe it's just a mix of everything, whatever the case I am well beyond my normal tolerance.

I'm not sure if this example is in Finding Kansas exactly how I'm going to state it, but imagine a coffee cup filled to the top. And I do mean filled to the absolute maximum amount that can be in it with just one more drop creating an overflow situation. This is how I normally experience life. Okay, perhaps not always at the top, but near it. What does this metaphor represent? For myself, I can tolerate some stress, I truly can, but when that one extra drop gets put it it creates an overflow situation. Here's where the metaphor breaks down though. For a coffee cup one drop too much will spill out one drop. For myself though one drop to much creates the effects of a dam bursting. One drop too much makes all that was bearable not.

This is something that I feel has to be understood. Once the limit is increased to an overflow situation any and everything will be the problem. This is fitting, in a way, because I say that I live in a world where there is no middle ground. Either everything is fine or everything is wrong. Middles don't really exist and right now I'm over my limit of tolerating the stresses.

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