Friday, March 22, 2013

Writing Phases

Being a writer can be difficult and there are certainly phases in being able to produce material. The past month has been difficult in getting my brain into the place where writing becomes easy. If I have to think about writing I can't really do it. This is where I've been the past month or so.

I think everything goes in phases such as my presentations the past month have been, perhaps, my best and most energetic. I don't know how after 360 presentations I am still learning the craft and fine tuning things, but I am. And yet, as a writer, I feel as if I am getting weaker.

Another thing that could be playing into this are my emotions. All my great writings come from my soul and my sadness. This is why I say that, if I have to think about writing that it isn't good. My emotions right now are so frayed from various stresses but primarily the stress that has come from my place.

Over the history of my blog there have been these phases and each time I think I'm done as a writer and have lost the talent I'll go on a two or three month streak with great material and then there will be one of these phases; I don't exactly want to call it a slump like you would for a batter in baseball who may be 0 for his last 40 at bats because I think yesterday's blog had a great deal of relevance. But yet, at least from my standpoint, there is just something missing. Perhaps it is soul.

So as I said, there are phases and right now I just don't feel I am on the same level as I was, say, three months ago. Maybe I am and just don't know it, but since these posts haven't come effortlessly I feel just something is missing.

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