Thursday, April 25, 2013

Home... For a Moment

Wow! What a journey this month has been! After two more presentations I made it home last night and it felt so utterly bizarre. I woke up this morning and had no idea where I was. When I began with my job this would occur when I was in hotels but now, well, I get this feeling when I am at home.

But yes, what a journey it has been. This month has been busier than last year's April when I did a nationwide tour and what I've been amazed at is the fact that I've maintained my energy levels. I will admit I did take a 30 second nap in a chair at the Willard High School yesterday before my presentations (I never can take a nap or nod off so that was a first) but in terms of actually presenting that has been no slippage in terms of quality or energy.

I'm actually at the office today but later this evening I'll be on a plane headed to New Mexico to work a race. For me, the time spent at the track, despite how physically engrossing it is, is my time to relax.

And with that my writing ability, today, has come to an end. I've heard so many stories and have come up with several concepts the past week in presentations but when I am this busy writing is something that isn't easy for myself to do. Hopefully tomorrow words come easier and I can have a more relevant post, but today it just isn't happening.

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  1. Aaron thank you so much for coming to Nevada on wendsday. My wife and I absolutely needed to hear what you had to say. Our son is 11 and he just got diagnosed 4 months ago with aspergers after doctors saying for several years that it was ADD. Everything you said about your childhood is nathan and the way you describe your adult life well I can see that being Nathan as well. I just wanna thank you again you definatly made a huge impact on our lives I am halfway through the book and cannot wait to read more.