Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Charged Situation

After a phenomenal Indy 500 (if you didn't watch you missed out on one of the most thrilling races flag-to-flag ever) on Sunday things, for me, took a sudden turn downward. Being at the race drained my iPhone battery so as I drove Ryan and his dad from Steak n' Shake to their hotel I plugged my phone in and it didn't register anything being plugged into it. I thought that maybe the issue was the charger thing itself so I didn't worry too much.

When I got to my sister's I immediately ran up the stairs to my room and I plugged my phone in. The result was the same; nothing. I then thought that perhaps it was that wall outlet so I ran down the stairs and plugged into another outlet and once again I got nothing.

My battery was under 10% and fear began to sink in. Everything is on my phone; my contacts, photos, e-mails, calendar. The question everyone asked is, "do you have it backed up?" and the answer is a resounding "no." For one I can't back it up to my work computer and the whole cloud thingy is something I've never touched.

The battery continued to deplete its final charge and as I tried everything from different plugs, to tapping the back of the phone, and to downright encouraging it to work it was all irrelevant as the screen went black. It was all gone.

This was a major crisis. Well, technically it still is a major crisis as yesterday I got a new phone as, and this seems overly convenient, I became eligible for an iPhone upgrade two days ago, but on the new phone I had nothing. Sure, it's faster (you can't honestly compare the two the difference is so great) and can do things my previous phone couldn't but I still have nothing. No photos, songs, and my all important calendar.

Right after I finish this blog I'm headed to an electronics repair store here on the north side of Indy to see if they can get a charge on the phone that is dead. If they can it should be possible to transfer the stuff I so badly need transferred. This is more than just a little bit of information as my photos are the epitome of the associative memory system. My e-mails, as I'm spending a few weeks on the road has got to be setup, and my calendar, well, I live by my calendar.

In just a few hours I'm going to know if they're going to be able to bring my old phone back to life. Sure, my new phone is great, but with out all the stuff on my old phone it has no soul.

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  1. Hey Aaron, make sure you contact me before you give up if you're unable to recover your info.