Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Puzzling Statement

I had another two presentations at schools yesterday and I've noticed there's a statement I make that always gets many different reactions. For those that just see me in a presentation it is probably quite puzzling as I say, "Outside this realm of a presentation I am one of the shyest, quietest, most reserved individuals you will ever come across."

There are many reactions to that line. One of them is a look of one who is skeptical. And who can blame them? I can present with a profound confidence and am 100% comfortable in the skin I'm in and yet I tell them at the same time I'm everything but that. The second look is a sense of trying to understand what I just said. The third is my favorite; a small smile. It may be a small smile but it is an important one for sure. I make the point of saying that when I was in school I was the worst public speaker in the world and yet, here I am today. That smile tells me something big and that is there's a droplet of hope that has been churned.

Of course, I could be wrong about all of this because I am not the best at determining what facial expressions mean, but I feel I might just be right about the reaction to my puzzling statement.

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