Thursday, May 16, 2013

Radio: Then and Now

On Tuesday I was in Kokomo, Indiana and was once again on WWKI's morning show, "Male Call." (You can listen to the broadcast by finding May 14th on their podcast page) I was originally on that show in April of 2012 while on my nationwide tour and it is amazing the difference a year can make.

Last year I was beyond nervous as I got to the studio and when the show started the only thing I could think of was, "don't say the wrong thing... don't say the wrong thing." I believe the end result on the air was fine, but the internal anxiety I felt was great.

Having the experience I had last year I felt much more comfortable than I did the year prior; I wasn't shaking, I didn't feel ill to my stomach, and the nerves weren't causing me to yawn every 15 seconds leading up to being on the air.

With not being so nervous I actually enjoyed the lead up to being on the air and once the program began I felt much more at ease. I wish there were an easy way to compare the two, but I know, from where I sat, it was much better.

On my drive home on Tuesday, and my drive to and from Shelbina, Missouri yesterday (by the way, the students at South Shelby Middle School were AWESOME!) I thought about the interviews, then and now, and there's much more to this than just having done it once.

Yes, there's more to this than meets the eye and what I mean by that is that I've been doing a lot of things that aren't usually what I do. I've tried many new foods this year and I'm feeling more and more confident presenting. Is it the confidence in presenting that has bubbled over into other aspects of my life? Is it the confidence from traveling as much as I have and being much more sufficient in doing things on my own? Perhaps a combination?

Whatever is going on I can feel the growth in the past year. I know if I have practice, or have done something once it is easier the 2nd time, but the difference in the way I felt at WWKI on Tuesday is much more than just having a little bit more experience.

As for now I will continue to wonder about what the difference is and I will have my time to think about it as I have a presentation in a bit then a 5 hour drive to Nashville for a USAC .25 Generation Next series race. Over 200 cars are registered and it should be a great weekend (or in the least I hope it goes better for me than it did last year!)

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