Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Major Change (Actually 2 Changes)

Yesterday I said good bye to a friend I had for the past 15 years. This friend went everywhere I went and was with me on trips across two different continents. It was with me when I raced and all the races I've flagged since. This friend, truly, was with me half of my life, but yesterday it was retired.

What on Earth am I talking about? No, it isn't a person but a wallet. Yeah, I've had my wallet since I was 15 and it certainly looks as if it has been through thick and thin, well, not it just looked thin as it has been long overdue for retirement. In just the past month I've had at least six comments over the course of four state about the condition of my wallet so it was most certainly time but there were two problems; one is that I hate change and secondly, where would one buy a wallet?

The change came yesterday not of my own doing but through another major change within my life. I'm rather nervous about this because the last time I was in a relationship it ended in flames with a breakup on Christmas via text message, but that was almost a decade ago and I never thought there would be a change like this, but I'm in a relationship once more and she got me a gift yesterday of a new wallet.

It was one of the more thoughtful, and needed, gifts I've ever been given. It was a sad process, that of moving over my cards and the like from the wallet that was all but falling apart (that picture doesn't give it justice on just how bad off it was) but I did in haste because, for me, in changes like this if I don't do them suddenly I'll get timid about them and second, third, and fourth guess myself. I couldn't allow myself to get sentimental during this process because I would think about all the places I'd been with it, the times I've used it, and even the times people asked, "Dude, seriously? That's your wallet?"

Driving to the office this morning I stopped at my normal stop to get a breakfast bar and an energy drink and the clerk said, "wow, nice wallet, sir" which I think he had seen my wallet in the past so perhaps this was his commending me on actually having something that looks professional.

So those are the major changes. If you've read my book, or seen my presentation, I'm sure you're much more interested in the change I just briefly mentioned (that of being the relationship) but as the relationship is new this is something I will share over time (how's that for keeping you, the reader, interested?) as there's still plenty of time to do so as well as working out the fact that I am on the road quite a bit so will this play a factor? There are so many questions with no answers at this point in time so yes, only time will tell. I do know one thing, and I've said it in so many presentations, that one has to learn from past mistakes and I know there will be no sequel to my Christmas story.

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  1. I wonder if you can guess what was the first thing I noticed about your new wallet was? Not how nice and new it is, nope. I noticed that it appears you went from a tri-fold wallet to a bi-fold wallet. Heck Aaron, I'm not on the spectrum and I hate doing that. You spend YEARS (some of us a decade and a half) with all your personal things in a certain place in your wallet. It's hard enough for me to switch from one type to another of the same type unless it's the exact same wallet. But whenever I go from one style to another I always stress over where to put things in the new wallet. I always want my frequently used cards readily available (credit cards, Sam's club card, library cards) but which ones get the prime spots? I'm probably a bit out of the ordinary as far as that goes and I'm ok with that.

    And congratulations on the new relationship. Always an exciting time when we decide to let someone into our lives like that.