Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Night on the Ranch

On the way back from Gordon to Rapid two nights ago we didn't make the trip in one day. Instead, we stopped at my mom's friend's place which is about 15 miles north of Gordon and about five miles off of any paved road and stayed the night as there's a fully furnished guesthouse.

This was a weird place for me. I've from the city and have been to more towns and cities this year than any other year and then all of a sudden I'm in a farm house miles away from anything. At first I didn't want to be there. This is vacation and I should be doing vacationy things. So why then was I in the middle of nowhere at a house with no internet (although my phone, somehow, had 4G) and no electronic games. What was this?

I started to read and it was weird that over the minutes I began to relax. Relaxing, for me, is a truly odd sensation as I don't do it all that often, but having nothing to do and nowhere to be and having all the world miles and miles away made me feel relaxed.

As the sun set the relaxing continued as the stars came out. Sure, you can see the stars in the city, but nothing can compare to the canvas that was the night sky.

All in all it was a unique experience and despite the fact that there was a HDTV in the house everything else felt like it was the time before the internet and such. This vacation I'm on hasn't felt much like one as I've spent more time thinking about blogs (I can think the golf course incident on that one) and ways to make a seismic impact in raising the level of understanding (I've got an idea, probably too bold and big, but if it were to happen, well, wow would be the only word) but for those 15 hours that I was on a ranch with the sounds of games, phones, the internet, cars, business, printers, people, and any other noise heard in an office or city, well, that truly was a vacation.


  1. Vacation has as many meanings as there are people in the world. A farmhouse in the middle of nowhere with no tv and only the sounds of nature and a good book sounds like heaven on earth to me. Granted, I'd probably still play the random game on my phone and my book might be my trusted Barnes and Noble Nook.

    But, the mere thought of sitting in silence with no demands on me whatsoever can't be overplayed. Even my wife can't understand why I'd like to just sit around the house on the weekends instead of running out and "doing something" with the family. I enjoy my silence and solitude when I can get it.

    Conversely, someone else's vision of vacation is to constantly on the go in the midst of a bustling city with lights and noise and tons of people. As the French say, "Viva la diferrence!"

  2. Aaron, I'm so glad that you were able to relax a bit. From what I've read, nature can be a blessing for many on the spectrum.

    I'm sorry about your experience on the golf course. Having said that, your blog posts were very impactful. In the first post I could feel your pain. The second post explained why. Both posts were necessary (to me at least) to fully understand.

    Have a happy and safe fourth of July holiday. Are you able to enjoy fireworks?