Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Reflections on 25,000 and Staying Busy

As I blogged about yesterday, my career numbers of people spoken to reached 25,000. When I got home last night I thought long and hard about that and what it all meant. I became interested on what my thoughts were back when I started this in 2010 so I got out my calendar journal to look it up and I can 100% honestly say there is no way I ever would have thought I'd still be doing this three years later.

When I say calendar journal I do keep a journal but not in the traditional of ways. Each year I buy a calendar that one would put on a wall and each day I write what I did or how I felt. There are times I may go a week without filling in each box, but I've been doing it since 2004 and if you ever want a journal of any kind I would suggest my method. Anyway, though, my comment I put on my first police presentation was, "I did awful." The officers there disagreed, but I'm always harder on myself than I should be. On my 2nd presentation I put, "halfway decent" and by the tenth I put, "I think I might be halfway good."

A few months later TouchPoint hired me on full-time and I put, "but for how long?" and the entire month or March I was to a point of near paranoia that this wasn't going to last. In April the same thing and it wasn't until I went to the southwest region in June of 2010 that I put, "maybe this community education specialist job is something that is going to last!"

This morning I was still feeling compelled to reflect on the past so I made a breakdown of my presentations to geographic region and to what type of audience. As I went through my spreadsheet (I have every presentation I've done listed with noted) it was so neat to re-experience each one. Without my guide all my presentations sort of blend together. When I began this wasn't the case, but after 396 I don't think it can be helped, but to be able to look at the towns I've been in, and even realize the progression of my style (I had no humor in presenting when I began) I can't believe the journey it's been.

Speaking of journeys, I never mentioned how the rest of the USAC .25 Battle at the Brickyard went. Of course I did mention I did get clobbered in the flagstand last Wednesday and my ribs are still a bit tender, but the rest of the days, in terms of my position, went seamlessly. I think that's one of the best events I've worked as the entire staff brought our A game and at the end, after the mains on Saturday, we had victory lane where the winner of the Indy 500 celebrates. I was just spectating the ceremonies but it was so awesome to see the grins on the kids as they were given their awards in one of the most iconic places in all of motorsports.

My schedule remains busy as tomorrow morning I have a plane to ride as I head to Grand Junction, Colorado to flag the 2nd round of the SKUSA Pro Tour. As with every race I'm excited beforehand, but any time I do a SKUSA event it feels just a tad bit more special as I only do three a year with my favorite five days of the year happening at the Supernats in November.

So that's where I am at today. Next week I have a couple meetings and I have several amazing ideas I hope that I can have move forward in the near future. Whether or not they are doable is a question, but right now my brain is thinking big.

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