Monday, August 12, 2013

A Dirty Story of Sameness

Ha! Okay, with my title you're probably thinking I've crossed some sort of line in sanity and am going to, well, say something dirty. If you were hoping for that I have to apologize because that isn't happening. 

Over the course of the weekend I made the annual trip to Hagerstown, Maryland to flag at a dirt track and as dirt tracks go they are dirty. I'll have a picture of myself at the end (it's hard to put photos in place from the Blogger phone app) but the story here was our nightly dinner at Barefoot Bernie's. 

First, for this story, you've got to understand that change is bad. If I do something one way one time I'm probably going to do it the same way each time. This applies to the food I eat as well and on the first night in Hagerstown I ordered the small sirloin, a ceasar salad, applesauce, and one breadstick with the salad beforehand. To me this was a great combo, well, it was great because this is what I got first and I liked it and because I liked it why would I try anything else?

The 2nd night I got a little ribbing as I heard, "Aaron, you got that last night!" and then the third time I got more and last night it was funny as while I was ordering others were saying my order to the exact tone and tempo I was. 

I've always said that, if you could hear me order at a restaurant, I sound almost robotic because I know exactly what to say in as little words as possible to make my order. This comes from the fact that whatever I ordered first I've probably always ordered. 

As with Friday's blog misunderstanding is a two-way street as I don't understand how the other USAC staff tried something different each day. Isn't sameness the spice of life? I mean, sameness is awesome! If whatever you got the first time was great why venture out to uncharted waters? I guess, in the end, this misunderstanding will continue to exist because it seems those not on the spectrum tire easily of the same thing over and over and myself, if I like something, won't venture out because I know what I like and sameness is super cool therefore, once again I declare, change is bad. 

Now how dirty was I this weekend? Here's the photo:

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  1. While I won't try to argue the "change is bad" motto you've adopted I will try to see if you'll start saying instead, change is bad...for you.

    Like you, I sometimes can't understand people who think or act differently from myself. I mean, come on, if I like it or do it, EVERYONE must like it or do it, right? Right? No, of course not. I'm a huge reader and I just can't fathom people who don't enjoy reading. I knew someone who loved fishing (as do I) but they hated reading so much they wouldn't even read a book or magazine about fishing. I don't get it. I really don't, reading is the greatest thing in the world.

    I like trying new foods any chance I get! Why wouldn't you want to? Oh yeah, because change is bad. Anything wrong with that? Of course not. As much as you might like sameness, difference in people is what makes the world great. At least from my perspective. You probably think differently.

    I will say one thing for your blogs Aaron. You make me think every single time. Not many people can say that about me, I assure you.