Thursday, August 1, 2013

Blog Reset

Blogging isn't the easiest of things to do on this world and is even more difficult when one blogs as frequently as I do. With that being said I have something that adds to the difficulty. 

My entire life I have hated to repeat myself. When I blog I often think, "didn't I use this example 2 years ago?" And if I have I usually will strike the example from the current blog that I'm writing. But here's the thing; blog readers come and go and you'd be surprised at how rare it is for people to go back and skim through what has been written in the past. Truly, from my experience, the medium of blogging is a medium of right now. 

Now, with all that being said, I still struggle with repeating myself because I operate under the code of,  "I think therefore you should know" which means since I know I'm repeating myself so do you and since repeating is I think repeating is bad you'll think my blog is bad. 

This is a struggle but today I've come to the conclusion that repeating is okay because it's information that is needed. So today on forward I will have no qualms about using concepts (how long has it been since I spoke in depth about Kansas, positional warfare, and alias among others?) that I have already covered albeit a couple years ago. So today, consider this a reset and hopefully I will stick to my newfound belief that repeating is okay. 


  1. I love reading your blog and if you repeat something its worth repeating! Please don't worry about it. Besides, you have many new subscribers that may not have read it before :)
    I am so Thankful for all you write!

  2. As Kevin Smith, one of my favorite podcasters and writers always says, every podcast (or blog, in your case) is someone's first. I'd rather reread something worthwhile than have you make a reference someone may not be able to relate to without some background information. So, don't worry about it and I think you've come to the right conclusion.

    By the way, I really like how you link us to a previous article you've done when you reference it in one of your blogs. That's a HUGE help.