Friday, August 9, 2013

Change is bad

Despite what Kyle, the USAC .25 series director, says I firmly believe change is bad. What type of change am I talking about. Well, any change really but there's a unique thing I'm experiencing now as the series has returned to places we visit each year. 

My memory is a great thing, it truly is, but it's also tiresome as I'm able to remember where we've been in previous years. I think I should state, and probably should've begun with it, that I'm in Hagerstown, Maryland for the next to last round if the USAC Generation Next tour. Hagerstown has been a stop the previous two years and on the drive yesterday I was able to say, "and that's where we stopped in the middle of the night whilst out of gas and the attendants said they'd be open in an 'hour or so' and oh oh oh that's the..." I get really excited at sharing these tidbits and don't understand how others don't share my enthusiasm. 

Anyway, this is my third time in Hagerstown and I found out that we were staying at a different hotel than the previous two years and this immediately created a high level of apprehension. It's hard to bottle this up and not share it. I understand, somewhat, that other people don't have my memory and don't share my insistence on sameness. 

Instantly I was worried about the hotel and I think Kyle picked up on that but here's the thing; it didn't matter what hotel we were at and it could have been the best hotel in the world and I STILL would have felt a high level of apprehension. That's just the way I am. If I do something once then I know what to expect but when there's a change it throws off my whole system. 

The other aspect on this is that I have a hard time understanding how others DON'T have the memory I do. I mean, how do you not remember that we stopped at THAT gas station, or that we ordered that food on that day? This is what I deal with on a day in and day out basis. I like sameness down to minute details but then when no one else understands, well, I don't understand the lack of understanding which is why I've written this blog to maybe increase the understanding of these misunderstandings. 

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  1. I can remember exact details of something that occured to me 35 years ago during my childhood but, for the life of me, I can't remember where I put my phone last night or what I'm supposed to do later this evening. Great long term memory, terrible short term memory.

    As far as change goes, I'm usually perfectly fine with it. I like the security of sameness sometimes, but I'm perfectly ok with new experiences also. I can certainly understand your apprehension with change, as long as you can understand my desire for something new. If we were travelling together, I'd rather make you comfortable with knowing what was going to happen than to try to make it a trip of surprises and new experiences for me. All about compromise, right.