Tuesday, September 3, 2013

National Tour 2013

Ever since the final moment of my 2012 nationwide tour I have been dreaming of the chance to do it again and come October I will! So here, today, I am announcing that indeed there will be a national tour next month and here are the locations that I will be. One thing to note about this is that these locations are tentative at this point in time which is why I am offering no specific dates, times, or addresses. Hopefully within a week I will be able to do so, but as of today I'll only be mentioning the towns:

Fort Wayne, IN
Chicago, IL
Milwaukee, WI
St. Paul, MN
Lincoln, NE
Austin, TX
Houston, TX
San Antonio, TX
Phoenix, AZ
Las Vegas, NV
Orange, CA
Irvine, CA
Saint Louis, MO

As things become solid I will share the dates and the goals of this tour as this is more than just presentations open to the public which is an aspect I am quite enthusiastic for.

Looking at the list of towns I am somewhat in awe because all this will be done in just one month! Also, there will be multiple presentations in a single day so this is shaping up to be my busiest month ever! Because of the hectic nature of a nationwide tour, once again, my friend Rob from Vancouver will be coming down to join me on this journey across the land.

Once again, this is a tentative schedule and is by no means set in stone. A town could possibly be added, or a town might be taken off, but hopefully soon I can give you the finalized schedule.

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  1. One month??? I assume you'll be driving it as you usually do? You make sure you pace yourself and don't overextend yourself, especially if you do drive it. Sounds very exciting though and I can't wait to hear about some of your experiences.