Friday, October 18, 2013

RANT About Drivers

Yesterday Rob and I made the drive from San Antonio to Phoenix. The drive was about 1,000 miles but it had to be one of the more infuriating drives I’ve ever had.

I’m not sure what this post will have to do with autism other than to show how I believe rules need to be followed and when they don’t I can get just a tad bit bothered.

So early on in the drive, just as the sun was full on the horizon, the tempo of the drive was set when the fast lane was clogged with slow cars. It was someone discouraging that the state of Texas puts up so many signs that say, “keep left except to pass” as it seemed the majority of travelers simply ignored this.

I have blogged about this before and I said that I-44 between Springfield and Saint Louis was the worst for this but now I know what I thought was bad wasn’t that bad at all. From Texas, to New Mexico, to Arizona we had more encounters than we could count of slow cars in the fast lanes. Rob had no problem making a pass on the right but I struggle with that. The rules state that passing is supposed to take place on the left and I truly cringe making a pass on the right as if I’m running a stop sign. It got too much though! When the speed limit is 80 (yes, I said 80) and a car is doing 70 in the fast lane there is a problem.

This post isn’t so much a rant but a plea; cars like this in the fast lane are dangerous. It creates a bottleneck and a backup then jostling for position and it’s just not a good situation. Beyond that, it’s 100% avoidable! As Rob and I called it, “there’s no reason to be partying in the fast lane.”

It takes quite a bit to get me angry but Rob got to hear my impassioned pleas, in somewhat of an angry tone, for some magical driving lesson to come about to everyone. Already on this trip, in 4,300 miles, Rob and I have come across four overturned semis and six car accidents. On my 2012 tour we saw no accidents and had no close calls. This year we’ve see all those accidents plus we’ve nearly been in an 18-wheeler sandwich a couple times. Has America forgotten how to drive? What’s going on? At this rate I feel like going on my tangent that helmets should be mandatory in cars. The driving I’ve seen out here on the open road has just left me scratching my head. So please, and I know I’m a bit off my normal topic but the racing/driving instructor in me is coming out, but please know the rules of the road, don’t party in the fast lane, and just be safe. Okay, my rant is over.

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  1. I will just comment on the fact that while we here in Missouri are conditioned to use the far left lane for passing it's not the same all over the country. I'm not sure why this is other than our innate need to do things differently as Americans sometimes. We seem to have an issue with things being standardized. All of our cell phone carriers have their own systems and towers. Nuts and bolts in one car can be metric AND imperial. And some states change lanes on the left and others on the right. Drive me to no end of frustration. Just take it easy and get back here safely so we can hear all about the trip. Be safe and have a great time with your remaining presentations.